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Frequently Asked Questions for Formula Stork

You have questions regarding European Certified Organic Baby Formula? Check the list below for answers to our most commonly asked questions. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, please send us an email at hello@formulastork.com. We’ll get back to you within 24h-48h. This Website does not provide medical advice. If your child has health problems, please contact a doctor or emergency services (911).


You have questions regarding European Certified Organic Baby Formula? Check the list below for answers to our most commonly asked questions. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, please send us an email at hello@formulastork.com. We’ll get back to you within 24h-48h. This Website does not provide medical advice. If your child has health problems, please contact a doctor or emergency services (911).

Baby Formula vs. Mother Milk

Important notice: Breastfeeding is best for babies and has many benefits for both you and your baby. It is important that you eat a healthy well-balanced diet in preparation for and during breastfeeding.

If you are considering changing over from breastfeeding or combining breast and bottle feeding, talk to your pediatrician first. Once the decision to stop breastfeeding has been made, it is difficult to go back. Partial bottle feeding with infant milk, especially in the first few weeks, may reduce the supply of your breastmilk. The cost and social implications of using formula milk should be considered. If you decide to use infant formula make sure you do your research and pick the best quality formula for your baby.

If you use formula milk, it is very important that you use infant milk throughout the first year (or follow on milks can be used from 6 months). It is important that you follow all usage instructions very carefully. Failure to choose an appropriate feed or to use it incorrectly can be harmful to your baby’s health.

About Formula Stork & Why European Formula

The European baby formulas we sell are widely known to be among the highest-quality baby formulas available in the world. The brands we sell use only organic skimmed milk (cow and goat), lactose, and organic whey for carbs sources. They also contain essential prebiotics and probiotics, non-synthetic nutrients, and more. No corn syrup, glucose syrup solids, or sugar is used that you’ll find in most other brands in the US.

Check out our Formula Comparison Chart in order to compare all available brands and formula types. We also offer Nutrition Charts and Ingredients Charts for each formula we sell so you can check the nutrition facts in detail.

+ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee + Free Expedited Shipping - most orders ship the same day! + Trusted and reliable American marketplace with superior support + Only certified organic formula from Europe + Guaranteed authentic and genuine products + Direct from manufacturers and stored in state-of-the-art warehouses + Rotated inventory with maximum shelf-life. + Always fresh! + Temperature controlled warehouses + Fair prices + Professional logistic partners

Nutrition & Ingredient FAQ's

At FORMULA STORK we purchase all of our products directly from the European manufacturers. As we only sell original products the formula boxes have the original packaging and display in the language of the country the products are sold in.

You'll find the nutrition facts and list of ingredients (in English) for each of the formulas we carry on our product pages.

The nutrition facts and list of ingredients are checked on a regular basis, but we always recommend that you check the product label for nutrition facts and ingredient information once the product was delivered to you and before use. Allergy advice - See ingredients shown in bold.

The information contained on the website of FORMULA STORK is provided for your general information only. FORMULA STORK is not liable for wrong nutrition or ingredients statements by the respective manufacturer or on our website.


formulas are uniquely Veggie friendly! By sourcing the Omega 3 from marine algae and avoiding animal rennet in the production process, Kendamil is uniquely certified Vegetarian!

Holle Goat Stage 1 & Stage 2

formulas are suitable for vegetarians as they do not contain any omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids from fish oil, and they do not contain any ingredients that have been processed with animal enzymes.

The rest of our formulas have not been certified vegetarian as they contain omega-3 or omega-6 fatty acids from fish oil and/or animal enzymes. Please note that none of our formulas are vegan, since they all contain either organic cow’s milk or organic goat’s milk.

Docosahexaenoic acid, better known as DHA, and arachidonic acid, better known as ARA or AA, are fatty acids found in breast milk, as well as in some foods, like fish and eggs. (Fatty acids combine to make fat molecules.) Both DHA and ARA are classified as long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCPs). They each play important roles in our bodies and health throughout our lifetimes. DHA and ARA play also a very important role in early brain and eye development. Research indicates that DHA is crucial for promoting visual acuity, immune responses, and neural tissue growth. Specifically, studies have shown that omega-3 has a positive impact on cognition, learning, language, motor skills, and behavior in children.

ARA is still not a mandatory ingredient, but it can be used as an optional addition. Experts also explicitly support the addition of DHA and ARA to infant formula. Studies have shown that formulas not fortified with these fatty acids may lead to significantly lower fatty acid levels in bottle-fed infants compared to breastfed infants, as breast milk naturally contains ARA [2].

Linoleic acid (LA), an omega-6 fatty acid, and α-linolenic acid (ALA), an omega-3 fatty acid, are considered essential fatty acids because they cannot be synthesized by humans.

What Makes A Baby Formula Organic?

+ No synthetic preservatives + No artificial colors + No pesticide residue + No growth hormones + No genetically modified organisms (GMOs) + No potentially toxic substances + no radiation + no chemical treatment + no factory farming + at least 95 % organic farming + a maximum of 0.9 percent genetically modified content + only a few additives allowed + regular checks by recognized, independent institutes + Labeled with a certified organic seal + The product complies with the EU organic regulation

In order for a formula to be certified organic, at least 95% (or more) of all ingredients and processing aids have to be organic.

Shipping & Returns FAQ's

Free shipping within 2-5 business days for 4 Pack - 16 Pack. We have to charge a shipping fee of $9.95-$14.95 for Single Packs.

All orders placed until 9pm MST will be shipped the next business day. All orders placed after 9pm MST get shipped the next business day if our order volume allows it. Otherwise it will be shipped the day after the next business day.
Orders placed on Fridays and on the weekend will be packed and processed but shipped the next Monday.

Our On-Time Delivery Guarantee

We guarantee a 2-5 business day (counted Mo-Fr) delivery of all Single Packs, 4 Packs and 5 Packs. If the shipment does not arrive by business day 5 (counted Mo-Fr) we refund 25% off the paid price even if it’s only a day late. First counted business day is the day the order shipped. Only valid if you send us an email request to hello@formulastork.com within 48 hours after the shipment was delivered. Based on our On-Time Delivery Guarantee there might be no package tracking number send to you.

We ship your order from Europe rather Germany, UK or Netherlands depending on which formula you purchased. We can't guarantee a 2-5 business day delivery for 6 Packs, 8 Packs, 12 Packs, 15 Packs, 16 Packs because even if very rarely it does happen that those shipments are delayed about a couple of days rather caused by the carriers themselves or by taking more time clearing US customs. Unfortunately we can’t influence any of that. But don’t worry! Most bigger orders arrive within 2-5 business days (counted Mo-Fr). The longest delivery time for bigger Packs so far was counted with 7 business days (counted Mo-Fr). You will receive a package tracking number once your order has shipped. Be sure that we do everything in our power to get your order delivered the fastest way!

Please note that all orders placed from formulastork.com are intended to be used for personal use only.

Please note that our On-Time Delivery Guarantee is not valid during the busy holiday season.

Return Policy

Wrong item

Our products are authentic and come from authorized wholesalers of the manufacturer or the manufacturer directly. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we accept returns in case we sent out the wrong product and if you inform us via email send to hello@formulastork.comorsupport@formulastork.comwithin 24h after the package was delivered by the carrier. What counts here is the actual drop off time stated by the carrier. Please add "Wrong Item" to the email subject which will lead to faster response times.Make sure to include your full name, order number and the email you used to place your order. The email must include pictures which proof that the wrong product was send. The products have to be unopened. We refund your payment once we have received the products and made sure that all products are returned and unopened. We do everything we can, to ensure the safety of your babies. Thank you for your understanding.

Depending on what shipping method you choose you have to sign for your package.

Our shipments from Europe are delivered straight to your door. Sometimes packages can be slightly delayed due to varying factors, such as fulfilment delays, shipping carriers being overloaded, COVID-19, bad weather and customs delays. In the rare case that your package is delayed, please reach out to our customer support team at hello@formulastork.com and we’d be happy to help you try to locate your package.

Please note that delivery dates are provided by the courier, which can be subject to change. Formula Stork is not responsible or liable for any shipping delays. Please allow extra time if ordering during the busy holiday season to account for larger demands on carriers.

Unfortunately, our couriers can't accommodate shipments to Alaska, Hawaii, or any U.S. territories.

We pack and process your order right after you’ve placed it. We can't promise to be able to cancel your order after it has been placed. If you want to make changes to your order please contact us right away. If we can cancel your order we certainly will do that. If your package has been packed but not shipped yet we can cancel your order but will have to charge you a cancelation fee of $4.95.

Sometimes manufacturers update their products. Even though we know that ahead of time in many cases we can't change the product picture before we actually ship the new or updated product. Customer order #1120 might receive the current product which is listed on our website but customer order #1121 the same day might receive the new or updated product because the switch to new has been made in between those orders. Once the first new or updated products leave our warehouse we change the product picture and information on our website as we can be sure that only new or updated products will be send. The good news is that however you always receive the newest and most up to date product. In cases where customers ordered the old version of the product but received the new or updated version we can't accept returns. Changes of box/can design or ingredients mean the manufacturer increased the quality of the product and we always suggest to go with the newest version as the old version is not produced and won't be available anymore.

To ensure that all formulas are only for personal usage, we’ve set the limit to 16 formula boxes.

Formula Preparation FAQ's

You can view the preparation instructions for each formula on our website; simply scroll down to the more information section on the product page.

Formula Stork only translates / provides the manufacturer's information for service purposes.

We recommend that you use boiled water when preparing baby formula, in order to kill harmful bacteria. We recommend that you bring at least one quart (approx. one liter) of water to a rolling boil.

Be very careful when using hot water!

Once done with your bottle preperation let the water cool until it reaches about 99.5°F (room temperature). Test the temperature on the inside of your wrist to be sure it’s not too hot before feeding baby.

For a detailed description how to make a bottle please look at our more information section on each product page.

Formula Stork only translates / provides the manufacturer's information for service purposes.

If you purchased a formula that came in a box, then the scoop will be included in the box but outside of the sealed silver packaging. 
If you purchased a formula that came in a can/tin, then the scoop is usually buried in the formula powder. You might know this from other products like protein powder supplements for example. The best thing to do is to use a dry, sterilized spoon to dig the scoop out of the formula.

You can view the feeding chart for each formula on our website; simply scroll down to the more information section on the product page.

All of the formulas we sell are suitable for use with many of the common Baby Formula Makers. Please consider reaching out to the customer support of the machine you are using if you have any specific questions about it.

General FAQ's

Once the foil sealed bag of formula is open:

HiPP Milk Formulas have a storage life of 3 weeks.

Holle Milk Formulas have a storage life of 2 weeks.

Lebenswert Bio Milk Formulas have a storage life of 2 weeks.

Due to environmental factors such as air, humidity, and temperature, which can impact its quality of freshness we recommend storing the opened formula in an airtight container to ensure short-term freshness.

Store formulas in a cool, dry place (at room temperature) and not next to substances or foodstuffs with a sharp smell. Do not store in the refrigerator.

Organic food is healthy, animals, nature and the environment also benefit from it - a certified organic seal identifies food with ecological origin and processing. For this purpose, strict guidelines and controls have been introduced and compliance is indicated by the seal.

Foods that are labeled with a certified organic seal are subject to the European organic regulation. This stipulates at least 95% organic farming. This involves various requirements for farmers.

+ They must keep farm animals in a species-appropriate manner and with access to exercise, factory farming is prohibited. Fresh, untreated feed must be available to them.
+ When cultivating fields, it is important to ensure that a different type of plant is grown each year in order to prevent the soil from leaching out. This is to ensure that the soil regenerates and the plants can absorb sufficient nutrients.
+ Only natural methods are permitted for pest control. Chemical-synthetic pesticides and fertilizers are also prohibited. Preservation by radioactive irradiation is prohibited.
+ Only about 40 additives from non-ecological origins are allowed for further processing. These include, for example, salt, water and yeast. The permissible proportion of genetically modified products is limited to a maximum of 0.9 percent.
+ Compliance with the regulations is checked regularly. The control number of the responsible authority is noted on the organic products. For the consumer, these guidelines mean the possibility of eating healthy and environmentally conscious.

To help find the right formula for your baby, you can use our Formula Finder which you will find under SHOP BABY FORMULA on our website.

To use our Formula Comparison Chart simply scroll down to the more information section on each product page.

Baby Satisfaction Guarantee FAQ's

When trying a new formula, we recommend a transition period of 7-14 days to allow your baby’s digestive system to adjust to the new product. Before that you will most likely see no change for better or worse. If the formula you ordered isn't right for your baby please send us an email to guarantee@formulastork.com within 21 days of delivery. Please include your full name and order number as well as the subject "Baby Satisfaction Guarantee". We will provide you with a store credit so you can test out another formula type or brand for free. This offer is valid only once per customer.

The Baby Satisfaction Guarantee is only valid within 21 days of delivery.

We will provide you with a store credit so you can test out another formula type or brand for free. No refunds will be given.

Dented/Damaged Products

Please look up the answer under Shipping & Returns FAQ's.

Expiration Dates

European dates are reflected differently than in the US, with the month and day reversed.

For example

U.S. Version format MONTH / DAY / YEAR

June 10, 2021 or 06/10/2021

would read

European Version format DAY / MONTH / YEAR

10. June 2021 or 10.06.2021